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Birthdate:Nov 23

The dreaming collective knows no history
- W. Benjamin, The Arcades Project

Such strange lives are led in America, she always knew that; but this was queerer than anything she had dreamed of.
- H. James, The Bostonians


I'm not in America most of the time, but then, neither was James.

This is where I do whatever it is that approximates blogging without actually having a blog. Content is likely to include entries on movies, academia, academic politics, real politics, Mexican history and historiography, my mostly unfabulous life, odd music, fan fiction and other kinds of storytelling, sex and pornography, cooking, gardening, immigrating to Canada, martial arts, adoption of older children and associated issues, and some other stuff.

After six years on Live Journal (where I will still be cross-posting once I get the hang of it) I am still working out the relationship between my Lola-self and my legal-name-self, so I may be filtering/locking various kinds of content, out of concern for my privacy or other people's privacy. Please ask if you would like to have access to whatever it is I'm writing about academic matters, my personal life, or adoption and parenthood (or whatever.)

Oh, and about names, because sometimes people ask: Spectacles H. Decolonizing was a subject line from some spam that [personal profile] ellid got, advertising Penis Launchers, and who could resist that? As to Lola Raincoat ... [personal profile] idlerat began referring to me as Lola in 2003 when I was lurking around in her lj. When I got my own lj shortly thereafter, I chose the name in honor of the Raincoats' cover version of the Kinks' song "Lola." The Raincoats were a brilliantly amateurish all-woman group in the first punk moment (London, 1976-77) and their version of the song didn't change any nouns or pronouns: the song as they played it sounded like a number of women's voices warbling I'm not the world's most masculine man but I know what I am and I'm glad I'm a man. Women making subtext into text = fanfic, and fanfic is what brought me here. So that's my name.

You can reach me at I am a terrible correspondent, though, and I don't check that account all that often lately.

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academia, all-day breakfast, anthropology, apples, art deco, audiences, barcelona, bisexuality, brazilian baroque art, brazilian modernist architecture, brooklyn, buenos aires, buffy the vampire slayer, café tacuba, canada, carlos monsivaís, carmen miranda, chamber music, charles dickens, charles mingus, churros (en dos sentidos), clr james, collage, commodity fetishism, comparative revolution, composting, cultural history, cultural theory, dawdling, disorganized attachment, dogs, donald barthelme, e.p. thompson, early music, elena poniatowska, emigration, female masculinity, feminism, frank o'hara, gender history, gender theory, girly bath stuff, goju karate, grace paley, gramsci, graphic narrative, heirloom tomatoes, herb gardens, historiography, history of sexuality, horses, hp fanfic, hybrid culture, immigration, jasper johns, jose g. cruz, kim stanley robinson, la virgen de guadalupe, latin american literature, los angeles, mexican art, mexican cinema, mexican history, mexico, mexico city, michel foucault, milton nascimento, minimalism, modernidad periférica, modernism, movie theatres, nahui olin, new york city, no migraine today, non-linear dynamics, nordic skiing, northern renaissance painting, old houses, older-child adoption, organic gardening, overthinking, paint, pie, political art, polymorphous perversity, psychoanalysis, rash decision-making, reality-based reality, remedios varo, slash, soil remediation, spike, steve reich, subjunctives, tamales, technicolor musicals, terry pratchett, the raincoats, thelonius monk, thick description, thomas pynchon, toronto, unaccompanied suites for cello, vegetable gardens, wallace stevens, walter benjamin, wittgenstein, yiddish tango music, zen
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