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So, I am trying out Google+, half-heartedly. I hate change! On the other hand, I kind of hate Facebook! and spend so much time there anyway! and so if Google+ allows me to consolidate what I like about LJ/DW with what I like about Facebook, that would be nice.

If you are there, come find me. I am just using my real-life name but just leave me a message here if you want to know about that.

What I have found myself doing so far on Google+ is complaining about the first season of Fringe, which sucks in my opinion (I know some of you like it! Sorry! Maybe we should have started with season 2! It is nice to see all those shots of the University of Toronto standing in for "Harvard"! & etc.!)

Fringe is the one with the mad scientist who is actually crazy, as in locked up in a hospital for the criminally insane. But then there is an inexplicable event which only he can explain. And then it turns out that the only person with the legal right to talk to him is his con-artist son who, understandably, hates him (I have to say, the actor and sometimes the screenwriters do a pretty good job of showing why crazy people are sometimes very hard to be around.)

So anyway then the Hot!Girl!FBI agent! (think Jodie Foster in Silence of the Lambs meets Dana Scully, played by an actor who resembles a Vermeer portrait, which is nice in the slow moments, of which there are many) tracks them down and forces them to help her solve the mystery. And then she is recruited into the mysterious intergovermental task force headed by Lance Reddick (playing the exact same character he played on The Wire, except with crappy-ass screenwriting, direction, editing, art direction and lighting to say nothing of the other actors so it totally does not work) which investigates similar inexplicable events, which are all part of a big giant conspiracy thing some call ... The Pattern. Which probably has a Big Evil Corporation of Doom helpfully called Massive Dynamic behind it. And also some guy who was locked up in a German prison helpfully called Science Prison, but then he got out with a teleportation ray, but then the teleportation ray turned him into a Big Evil Hedgehog of Doom.

And so together, the hot FBI chick and the cute con-artist and his mad scientist dad form a brilliant crime-fighting team! Most of that happened in the pilot. But not the hedgehog. That came later. I like the hedgehog but we see very little of him.

Anyway, it's not quite bad enough to be fun to watch. It was looking at first like it had the capacity to mock itself, via the entertaining eye-rolling of the con-artist as his father explained SCIENCE. But they sort of lost that element somewhere around episode 3. Also as in so much bad TV the mad scientist is a genius who invents things as well as has theories, and so far we have seen him be a genius in (experimental and theoretical) physics, astrophysics, medicine, microbiology, neurology, psychology, epidemiology, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, forensic science, large-animal evolutionary biology, microbiology, brain surgery, medical imaging, parasitology, geology .... Also he invented a time machine and a teleportation ray. You see what I mean?

On the other hand, in nearly every episode somebody's face melts off or head explodes. That part is good.

So that is why I don't like Fringe. I hope you are glad that you asked!
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