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Hello, hellllloooooo ...

well I see that there will be more Potter ... something ... from JK Rowling, and that seems as good a reason as any to dust this journal off.

Besides I meant to tell you all about this amazing book project which I got to write a chapter for, Harry Potter and History. I've never had more fun doing academic work than writing my chapter for this book, and I can't say anything about my own work here, but the other chapters are delightful: funny, erudite, full of peculiar details. You all are pretty much the proper audience for the book, so please go buy multiple copies. We want to encourage the publisher to do more. Wouldn't a Mad Men and History book be a wonderful thing? It's highly unlikely, but it would be wonderful, is my point. Meanwhile, though, this book is fabulous.

Meanwhile, in case you were looking for me, I am hanging out a bit at Twitter and a lot at Ta-Nehesi Coates's blog, under this name, and then on Facebook under my real name. But now, since it is a lovely day and the tomatoes are weedy, I am going out to do a little gardening.
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...and before she was hustled off the stage, the wild-eyed author was reported to have shouted, "And that's not all! Remus was gay! Tonks was gay! Cedric Diggory was gay! Sirius was gay and Snape was gay and Fred was gay, unless it was George! No, Fred! Fred was gay! And George's ear was gay too! And Dobby was a gay, gay elf! And Hedwig! Hedwig was gay, gay, gay! I LOVE MY DEAD GAY CHARACTERS!"

Neither Rowling nor her press representatives were available for comment at press time.
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I think this bit is JKR speaking directly to us: )

And another thing ... )


Read more... )


Read more... )

Probably I'm over-interpreting here, but I think JKR loves us.
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If waiting for Book Seven is causing you fits (or even if it's not) allow me to recommend HP Widdershins, Dido's wonderful (and beautifully illustrated) version of how it could all work out if only Harry, Hermione, and Dudley used Harry's money and some common sense. Yes I said Dudley. Just trust me.
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The redoubtable [ profile] mctabby is once again running the amazing Annual Cat's Birthday HP Drabblethon, and you will want to go read all the drabbles therein, of course. Cracked-out, angsty, punnish, poetic, goofball or action-packed: they're all good.

In particular, though, I think you should know about this drabble by[ profile] troubleinchina, because it was written for my prompt and it concerns a key moment in the career of Professor Binns, about whom, as you may know, I have feelings. And it's great. So!

My own drabble, responding to a cool prompt from [ profile] into_desire, turned out to be part of my series Meetings with Remarkable Muggles, about which I feel utterly unjustifiable pride. If you want to read it in context, here it is -- it's drabble #9, in between the one about Margaret Atwood and the one about Freud.


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