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So, it's all over but the grading for this semester at my weird but beloved university, and I'm sad about it, because although my graduate class (Modern Cultural History, theory and method) was wretched and the second-year undergraduate class (Latin American History, 1450 to the present) was just so-so, the fourth-year undergraduate class - a seminar on Gender, Sex, and Family in Latin American History - was amazing. Definitely, by far, the best class of my entire teaching career. I was considering flunking them all just so I could see them again next year, but that turns out to be impractical - there would be a lot of paperwork involved. Instead I'm going to write down some of what made the class work so well this time, in case some of it is reproducible:

What made this seminar turn out so well? )

Mostly it was luck. It was just the right combination of students at the right time. I won't have that kind of luck again. All the rest of this is just what helped that luck along. Here's hoping that the next time I teach the class it turns out half as well.
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So I know that an English-language translation of Beatriz Sarlo's Una modernidad periférica exists. I've assigned it in my graduate classes before, I'm pretty certain. It's just that I always tell them to read it in the original if they can and they always can. But this semester I have a student who can't read Spanish taking my seminar, and she told me that she couldn't find a translation anywhere, and you know, I spent some time this evening looking for one, and I can't find it either. So - do you know if it ever was translated? Or have I just been smoking crack again?



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