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So [profile] fishwhistle and I have been watching Season One of Dollhouse, in fact we just finished watching it, and it has inspired us to write haiku:

Oh, Joss Whedon, why?
Why why why why why why why?
Dollhouse is no good!

Eliza Dushku,
your bony body's a bore.
Please eat a sandwich.


Doleful reunions:
Actors from much better shows
wasted on Dollhouse.

The Eliza Dushku one would work as well for every other actress in series, but her name has the requisite number of syllables. I know the one who's playing the neighbor of the FBI guy is supposed to be normalish-shaped, but actually she's nearly as tiny as the rest of them, only bigger-breasted. I don't watch enough TV to know if this is the way women on TV are, or if it's just in Whedon shows that this happens. Don't answer that question, please: it's depressing either way.

But also Dollhouse made me think cut here in case of spoilers, though surely we were the last people ever to watch Dollhouse since everyone else has been warned off by now? )

It did, in fact, get slightly better as it went along. We'll probably watch S2 when it comes out on DVD. But we'll hate ourselves a little when we do.

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Hey! This is the Buffy/Firely crossover fic I wrote for [ profile] remixredux08:

Where the River Meets the Dawn (the Strobe Lights and the Disco Remix)

If it doesn't suck, which I'm not saying that it doesn't suck, but to the extent that it doesn't suck, that's because three people did amazing beta work on a very rough draft at very very very short notice: [ profile] executrix, [ profile] goseaward [ profile] mulberryfields.

This is the second story I've written with Caridad (a minor Slayerette who has, I think, three lines total in Season 7 of Buffy) as a protagonist. One of the betas for the first one, [ profile] idlerat, gave me some excellent advice about POV for that first story ("Other People," which is here) that I completely ignored at the time. But I remembered it and took it when I came around to writing another Caridad story. So thanks to her as well for time-release beta.

Remix was interesting and mostly fun, in a scary way. I'd do it again.
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Um, if you can figure out which remixed fic was written by me, over at [ profile] remixredux08, I will give you a drabble. Or a cookie. Whichever you prefer. The reveal of who wrote what happens next Saturday, so you have almost a week. I'll screen comments here. There's some great fic over there, so you can't go wrong, you know ...
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Hey! Look at this cool story somebody made out of one of my drabbles! Isn't that amazing?

Meanwhile, I am dying for the week of anonymity to be over - dying, I tell you - so that I can properly, publicly thank my three amazing betas. Four, really, if you count that I finally did in this fic what [ profile] idlerat told me to do in the last one.
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hey, I am remixing a Jossverse fic for [ profile] remixredux and would really, really appreciate some beta help. BUT because I'm pushing the festival deadline here - it has to be posted by Saturday night - it would have to be a very fast beta. I am hoping to be done with a draft by noon today and won't have any time to work on it again until Saturday afternoon, so you would have 48 hours. Please? pretty please?


Mar. 9th, 2008 02:59 pm
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Okay, as some of you know for the last year and half I have participated in a role-playing game/collectively authored soap opera set in the Potterverse called HP Dungeons, in which I play Charlie Weasley, Professor Binns (he's an evil historian! evil!) and occasionally Irma Pince. It's great fun, and also has turned out to be a terrific education in writing fiction. I'm still no good at all at smut but I'm not as bad as I once was at characterization, plotting, and worldbuilding, thanks to the help I've gotten from fellow authors who are uniformly better writers than I am, but awfully nice about it.

So ... want to come play in our sandbox? We're recruiting new authors! click here for the info! )
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Okay, so, the bad news is that I write crappy fics, and not all that many of them, and only in two fandoms. The good news is that I truly, honestly, don't care what you do to these fics. So go wild!

Anything you find on the index page is fair game, and you can do whatever you like to it. In my mind, all the "Meetings with Remarkable Muggles" drabbles take place in the same universe, but you don't have to agree with me on that point (or any other point.) You will find that I don't do plot, so if you wanted to shape any of these into an actual story ... you know, the kind with a beginning and a middle and an end? Well, I'd be tickled. But you don't have to, not at all. I am thrilled that you're doing this and I promise you that whatever you come up with will delight me. And it's not like you could make any of these stories worse, you know?

See you in April!
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Hey! I wrote fic! I wrote fic that's more than 100 words long! and in a fandom other than HP, too! It's futurefic Buffyverse femslash, and it's over here.

I'll post it to The Archive at the End and maybe Ficwad eventually, but right now it's just there, at the very fabulous Characters of Color fest.
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I seem to have signed myself up to write a little Jossverse fic for the Characters of Color Multifandom Love-A-Thon. This is bad because I've never written in the Jossverse before and I don't know what I'm doing. So! I will need a beta. Would anyone like to volunteer? I'm a very mild-mannered writer and will do whatever you tell me.

This is the prompt and the deadline. )

It's a very cool multifandom fest; go check out the prompts for yourself. And thanks!
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So I'm writing not one but two bad guys for [ profile] hp_dungeons, a RPG/soap opera whose recent developments are best explained in cartoon form, over here and it disturbs me -- to put it mildly -- to find all that awfulness in my head and put it on the screen. I didn't know there was any part of me that was so ... so ... nasty, you know?

I mean, I've been voicing Charlie Weasley for a year now, and he's a really nice guy (and all the sweetest bits of Charlie's character come straight from observation of [ profile] fishwhistle so I can't even claim that Charlie's niceness makes up for my evil characters' meanness, because it's not mine) but this is -- different. I'm seriously unnerved.

Fanfic authors, has this ever happened to any of you? And if so, what did you do about it?
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The redoubtable [ profile] mctabby is once again running the amazing Annual Cat's Birthday HP Drabblethon, and you will want to go read all the drabbles therein, of course. Cracked-out, angsty, punnish, poetic, goofball or action-packed: they're all good.

In particular, though, I think you should know about this drabble by[ profile] troubleinchina, because it was written for my prompt and it concerns a key moment in the career of Professor Binns, about whom, as you may know, I have feelings. And it's great. So!

My own drabble, responding to a cool prompt from [ profile] into_desire, turned out to be part of my series Meetings with Remarkable Muggles, about which I feel utterly unjustifiable pride. If you want to read it in context, here it is -- it's drabble #9, in between the one about Margaret Atwood and the one about Freud.


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