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Here's an email I just sent, with some explanatory emendations:

Dear [Hapless editor at mid-level academic press who asked me for a blurb of a new edited collection in my exact field],

the ms arrived just now and I am very sorry to say this, but I can't blurb it. One of the articles included is about [very specific topic in my exact field], about which I published a fairly well-known article myself a decade ago [the only other scholarly work ever about this event, although subsequently there was a documentary film on the topic.] Its author is both inaccurate and - in my biased view - unduly harsh in his characterization of my article, and it's just a footnote, but I can't quite bring myself to help out the otherwise quite lovely book. Do convey my regrets and apologies to [the editors, one of whom was on my dissertation committee and also, ten years later, was the supervisor of the ill-mannered scholar who wrote the mean and inaccurate footnote]


[Lola the Pissed-off Raincoat]

For the record, I am usually delighted to have my work discussed, updated, improved upon; criticism is somewhat less delightful to me, but only a little. But in this case the author of the article clearly felt that he couldn't write about the topic without trashing the work of previous scholars who had written about it. Shouldn't somebody have taught him better than that?

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Me: Hey, [profile] fishwhistle! Look at this! The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis is back in fashion again!

Fishwhistle, skeptically: ...

Me: No, look! It's right here in the Times! Man, you wait long enough, any old idea comes around again.

Fishwhistle, speedily: The flat earth theory?

Me, after an awkward pause: Just wait. I bet sooner or later some bit of string theory or fancy programing language will require a flat-earth frame of reference.

Fishwhistle, grumpily: ...


In other news, today is Getting Ready for Grape-Juice-Making-Day Day, and sheep poop was involved. Tomorrow is the Great Day of Grape Juice itself, and if you can get here in the next week or so - because the juice only lasts about three weeks - we would be delighted to give you some. It's usually pretty good and we always have way more than we can drink. And this year, because we have hired ourselves a Hired Hand, we will have more than usual - in previous years we've gotten too tired to go on before we've juiced even half the ridiculously large amount of otherwise-inedible grapes from the back yard.

It's been a good year for the grapes, too. Also beets (last week I made myself quite ill by eating a couple of pounds of beet tzatziki and pretty much nothing else over the course of 36 hours or so, but it was so good! Not quite as good as the beet tzatziki that [personal profile] idlerat makes, but pretty close) and onions, most herbs except cilantro, garlic, cape gooseberries, chard, raspberries, arugala, rhubarb and chiles. Not so good for tomatoes, lettuce, and apricots, but no summer is perfect, right? And since I was too crippled to do much besides stick everything in the ground and hope for the best, it's amazing we got anything at all.


In other other news, my ex-girlfriend (some people referred to her at the time as the Spawn of Satan, which was possibly a slander on some of Satan's other children, but never mind that now) has been for some time the chief drama critic for a high-circulation tabloid newspaper in a Major Metropolitan Area, which is kind of hilarious as long as you have no connection to whatever it is she's reviewing. But now, sources tell me, she is also contributing criticism to NPR. I've been listening and listening - even going so far as to Google - but so far nothing. I will keep you posted.


And finally, a little further away, a way-too-brief visit to the New York Area reminded me that the best thing about New York is not the art or the walking around or the shopping or the brilliant acupuncture (check out People's Acupuncture of Brooklyn, the beauty and helpfulness of which I cannot even describe in words) or the fabulous music of many descriptions, much of it made by friends, or even the astonishing food (and there was some truly astonishing food, the best of which came from the gardens and/or kitchens of friends) but the chance to just hang out with the people I love. I miss you all already! Thank you so much for the wonderful acupuncture treatment and music and food and letting me stay in your apartments and most of all your company!


And now to rinse off the sheep poop and boil some more jars. Hey look! I posted!

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So last month I posted something about how I would be away for a while, don't break the internet while I'm gone, the usual. My old friend [personal profile] laughingrat responded as follows:

This is just to say
I burned down the intertubes during your vacation
I know you were planning on reading
your Network page
But the intertubes were so annoying
and so flammable.

Flammable! Well, yeah! [personal profile] laughingrat is right again! I just thought you should know.

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Look! It's SCIENCE!

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My Valentine's-day treat? Fishwhistle made four enormous cookies in the shape of letters spelling out my name - two oatmeal-cranberry, two gingerbread. They are superdelicious, and he is the sweetest sweetheart ever.

I've never liked Valentine's day, really, for all the obvious reasons, plus that I arrived late in life at the brilliant insight that it's possible to love someone who is kind and thoughtful and gentle and loves me back (instead of, you know, pining away for someone who, once all the layers of gruffness are peeled away, turns out to be kind of an asshat.) (Yes, I know, you figured that out when you were, I dunno, fifteen or so. I'm slow.) So anyway, yeah, I've always curled my lip at all this forced consumerist romance six shopping weeks into the new year. But maybe it's not too late to turn into a GIANT BALL OF EMOTIONAL MUSH for Valentine's Day instead. In a good way.
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...and before she was hustled off the stage, the wild-eyed author was reported to have shouted, "And that's not all! Remus was gay! Tonks was gay! Cedric Diggory was gay! Sirius was gay and Snape was gay and Fred was gay, unless it was George! No, Fred! Fred was gay! And George's ear was gay too! And Dobby was a gay, gay elf! And Hedwig! Hedwig was gay, gay, gay! I LOVE MY DEAD GAY CHARACTERS!"

Neither Rowling nor her press representatives were available for comment at press time.
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because you know I can never resist the chance to use the word behest ... )

Now I tag:

[ profile] fishwhistle [ profile] bowdlerized [ profile] elphaba_of_oz [ profile] executrix and [ profile] laughingrat

to complete this same quiz, go here
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I'm on dial-up until laptop returns to me (the service people haven't even called back with a diagnosis yet, after a full week, which is Not A Good Sign) and also am busier than I have ever been before in my whole busy life. Yet I still am doing my share of random clicking around. Or slightly more than my share. So this was the fruit of my random clicking this morning:

Did you know that Fiona Apple's (shut up, I like "Extraordinary Machine") brother is the actor who played the cop's sidekick/hippie anthropologist on "The Sentinel"?

Yeah, you knew that already, plus long ago you wrote some very kinky RPF about the whole family, including ironic observations about how every actor/media person in the world (or at least New York and environs) has worked on Days of Our Lives at least once.

So send me the link already, okay?

eta I'm sure I'll be sorry that I asked, but who is this Ken Wahl of whom you tell me?


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