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I'm pretty sure that the title to this post - "My dreamers will wake in another America" is a line of poetry from a Patti Smith album cover from the 1970s. But who wrote it originally? Or am I just making it up? I feel a bit haunted.

So anyway. )Oh, and a guy sang a beautiful version of that gospel song whose name I never remember:

God gave Noah the rainbow sign
No more water
It's the fire next time

He banged on the poles and the overhead railing of the subway car for percussion. Not apropos, I hope, but beautiful.

We should try to sleep a bit more now or we'll be useless at the phone bank.

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So middle-class people who have lived in this part of the world for more than a generation all seem to do the same thing - they have weekend places, invariably known as "cottages," two or three hours away near or on a lake, and they spend as much time as possible there during the summers. I've never been to one of these before but in a few hours will be joining a few colleagues at another colleague's cottage for a couple of days (this cottage-owning colleague is actually first-generation Canadian, like me, but her ex is from a local family with deep roots here, and I suspect it was his first.) If you promise not to break the internet while I'm gone, I promise to tell you all about it when I return.

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So I have been meaning to write up my Deep Thoughts about our trip last month to western Crete, Athens, and Istanbul - thoughts about nationalisms and histories, continuities and discontinuties in uses of the material remains of the past, grilled fish, 19th c. archeology as the ruination of ruins, the spiritual uses of beauty, the ways in which physics conferences differ from history conferences, the fabulous generosity of Islamic architecture, "Europe" as a category of analysis, and the globalization of weeds - but I can see that's not going to happen. Instead, here, look at the nice pictures. )


Jul. 12th, 2008 02:41 pm
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Yikes we're going to Greece and then Turkey and I still haven't packed and the house is a mess and I'll miss you all like mad but will be back in two weeks goodbye!

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We didn't know about the big government raid last May on Mexican and Guatemalan immigrants in Postville, Iowa, when we drove through there last month. (A useful followup story is here, highlighting the critical, honorable role played by the local Catholic Church. See also this story on an intervention by a heroic legal translator.) It didn't make the news in Canada. All we knew was that we stopped on our way from Minneapolis to Dubuque in this tiny town that had a Productos Latinos store on the theory that it would be selling tacos - which was true, and they were excellent - and nobody wanted to answer my eager, ignorant questions about why all those immigrants were there, along with a large number of black-hat Orthodox Jews out enjoying the warm Sabbath evening. The people eating in the taqueria had jobs in a meat-packing plant, someone eventually explained, and they were from Texas. But not originally from Texas, surely, I asked. Texas, the nice guy behind the counter said firmly. Texas.

You could see that families had rooted themselves there - the store windows were full of christening gowns, quincenera outfits, and toys with Spanish-language packaging - and that without them this would just be one more dying corn belt community. You could tell by the stink, even a block away, that those jobs in the meat-packing plant had to be pretty unpleasant, nothing you'd want to do yourself. You couldn't see, unless you already knew, that 400 people had just been taken away by la migra.

There's nothing more to say about this that you don't already know.

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This was the wrong week in which to post a big thinky thing, because it was the week which required me to go about my business minus one full night's sleep, so now I owe about a zillion replies to long thoughtful well-reasoned comments on my last post, and I can't do much about it because we are about to leave town for a week, most of far away from connectivity, and wah.

So tired.

Anyway, please forgive me. Dungeoneers, I may check in at chat tonight if we find a motel with wireless. Everyone else, I will see you on the flipside.



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