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But today is not that day.

So, anyway, we've arrived at that point in the month where pretty much anything is going to make me sob helplessly: a harsh glance, the cats looking especially cute, a harsh glance from the cats ... whatever. I'm teary, and I am not ashamed! (Or, okay, only a little ashamed.)

Thus when I say that this made me cry like a leaky faucet you should probably take my predisposition to weepiness into account. Nonetheless you should click on the link. It's a vid for your standard country-music song, except that it's Muslim country music and it stretches that whole country-music-is-the-voice-of-the-American-people trope as far as it can stretch. Brilliantly done.

So, folks with whom I was having that conversation about not assuming that the angriest or most intrusive voices of a particular religion are its only voices, or most important voices? Here's basically the same conversation, from the POV of an even more vilified religion than the one we were talking about.

And [ profile] slit, if you're reading this, I'm sure you already know about A Land Called Paradise but just in case you don't, here's the link again. I'm really curious to know what you think.

Link swiped from [ profile] twistedchick who got it from Will Shetterly. Thanks!
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If you know the Buffy story at all, and you know the Beatles's music at all, but you've never seen "Scooby Road"? then you have to go here right now. [ profile] luminosity made a Buffy vid for the entirety of Abbey Road, and it's just astonishingly good - very much in the spirit of the music and the Buffyverse. It brilliantly avoids the most obvious shots from BtVS - we don't see Buffy diving off the tower, for instance, and there's just a frame or two of Joyce lying on the couch - while making excellent use of the themes in the music (listen for the return of "you never give me your money.")

I guess anyone who pays attention at all to vids has known about this for years, but if you're (like me) not someone who pays attention to vids very much, you need to see this anyway, so go.


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