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So [ profile] fishwhistle and I were trading comments about, yes, Sarah Palin again, over at [ profile] idlerat's lj and then I wandered over to his desk:

me: Ah, the comedy stylings of Lola and Fishwhistle! Thank you, thank you, we'll be here all week ...

Fishwhistle, pointing to his own damn comment: And look here, this is even funnier.

me, chagrined to learn that this was true: Damnit Fishwhistle, you're always topping me - oh wait -

Fishwhistle, triumphantly: IN EUROPE! ... pity you can't post that.

me: oh yeah?


And I know I said, three posts ago, that I was going to step away from the wacky Sarah Palin facts, but ... I'm not. Stage an intervention if you must. But first:

From a link provided by, among others, the delightful Ms. [ profile] djinnj, this is a collection of facts taken from Alaska newspapers by Democratic party researchers to aid opposition to Palin when she ran for Governor of Alaska two years ago. It's all good but here are some highlights:

* While Mayor of Wasilla, she presided over a wedding in the local Walmart of two Walmart employees. It made her teary. "It's so Wasilla!" she said. Among the attendees: passengers from a tour bus.

* Her brother-in-law was a losing contestant on a reality-TV show about dating. He crashed his mountain bike in the first episode.

* In 1996, she drove to Anchorage on the pretext of a visit to Costco, but really to see Ivana Trump at JC Penney's cosmetic counter. She told a local reporter how wonderful the event was because "we are so desparate in Alaska for any semblance of culture or glamour." [note Canadian spelling. More on this later. Am desperately researching possible Canadian angle. Are we sure Alaska is really in the US?]

* Either she welshed on a bet, or she has the Big Dipper tattooed on an ankle.

From other ramblings around the internet - this is somewhat less reliable - it appears that she's not a fundamentalist at all, but a member of an Assembly of God congregation, which is to say a speaking-in-tongues Pentacostalist. If there is any justice in this universe at all, there will be video of her or her family members handling snakes, and McCain will lose the entire right-wing Christian vote except for the other Pentacostals and maybe the right-wing Unitarians.

Finally, apropos of last night's speech, somebody in a comment thread over at Making Light quoted this from some other comment thread on some blog, so we'll just have to attribute it to Anonymous Internet Genius:

"Mrs. Palin needs to be reminded that Jesus Christ was a community organizer and Pontius Pilate was a governor."
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For people who don't read [ profile] blacksquirrel's journal, you should pop over there right now and look at her last couple of posts. Her not-especially-political brother was arrested as he walked to his car from a sold-out concert in Minneapolis a couple of nights ago by police who thought he might be an anarchist, held overnight, and treated ... not so well. It's not too different from what you might remember from the 2004 Republican convention in NYC, except for the "completely innocent bystander" part. Still, if you thought that the thuggish tactics of the Bush administration - notably, the disregard for habeus corpus that I keep going on about - were likely to diminish under McCain, well, this might worry you.

Relevant post is here and the preceding post.


Meanwhile, like everyone else, I am unable to look away from Sarah Palin for a red-hot second. Still. I love her! She is the butchest Republican since Teddy Roosevelt! I mean, she would be an awful president, or vice-president, but I am sincerely grateful to learn that she exists. Did you know that when she got to be governor of Alaska she fired the chef who worked at the governor's mansion because real women do their own cooking? I told you: she loves her family, and she loves firing people!

And another thing: apparently most of the childcare in her family since Palin became governor has been done by her eldest daughter and her mother-in-law. This is the same mother-in-law who ran for mayor of Wasilla after Palin moved on to higher office, and lost because Palin supported another candidate whose anti-abortion stance was tougher. Todd Palin was supposed to be more of a stay-at-home-dad, it seems, but he just couldn't hack it, although he has been doing a fair amount as the spouse of the governor - or, as he prefers, "First Dude."

Do you think Geena Gerson could play her in the movie? The movie in which a shy but brilliant bisexual historian living in a romantic Canadian city is swept off her feet by the force of personality and fabulous gun collection of a former runner-up for Miss Alaska who now is a candidate for national office, but still finds time to nurture her large family - and her secret lesbian passions? Do you think the movie could be called "First Dude"?


If I can be semi-serious for a moment, though, as difficult as that is to do in these circumstances:

I agree with Obama's stance toward the whole Palin debacle that candidate's family lives are not fair or useful topics of political discussion. I'm not claiming to be having a political discussion here. I'm just sincerely fascinated. But if I was having a political discussion, I would say that I don't see the hypocrisy that bloggers and commenters have pointed to in Palin's actions having to do with teenagers and sex. The point of abstinence-only education is to prevent non-reproductive sex, right? And to link up sex and marriage? Preferably not in that order, I get that, but still - I don't see the hypocrisy here. There's quite a lot that's wrong with Palin's ideas, especially around marriage and sex, but if we match up her public words and actions with what her private ones seem to have been, she is quite rigidly consistent.

In fact, it's her rigid consistency that makes her so funny.

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First: Okay, you can come back now: all the picture links in this post seem to be working now, and as a bonus I got them all turned around the right way and everything.

Second: A student just told me that he heard that the University of Regina's English department has, after much discussion, allowed a creative writing student to propose to submit a long work of HP fanfic as her MFA thesis project. Apparently the issue within the department was whether or not they could accept a thesis that could not be published - otherwise, everyone was okay with it. This is very interesting, if true, but I'm even more interested that I heard nothing about it earlier. Did you all know about this already, aca-fen?

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borrowed from mamadeb but seen all over, here's my album cover )

The rules of the game are:
1 - Go to Wikipedia's "random article" link, through here: The first random article you get is the name of your band.

2 - Go to Random Quotations. The last four words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album. (Or the last three, in my case.)

3 - Go to flickr's explore the last seven days. Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover. (I messed around with mine because its dimensions were all wrong and also I felt like it.)

4 - Go back to the Wikipedia Random Article feature. The first fifteen articles you get are the song titles of your CD.


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So Livejournal has this advisory board whose advice they already have ignored on at least one occasion, and now we users are being invited to elect a fellow user to the board, and while it probably won't help, it couldn't hurt, right? Unless you get elected, in which case I predict for you nothing but aggravation. Anyway, not that I would dream of trying to influence your decisions, but I voted for (in this order, and order matters) [ profile] rm, [ profile] squeaky19, and [ profile] legomymalfoy in case you were wondering. And I do suggest that you go vote, yourself.

Candidate statements are linked here; you can cast your ballot here. You have until May 30.

Thanks to [ profile] bethbethbeth and [ profile] pytx for the heads-up.

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That last post I posted? was just wrong. I'm sorry to have spread misinformation (and still sorrier to have spread it and then gone off to bed and woken up in the morning to find my post so thoroughly debunked.) Thanks to the many, many people - starting with [ profile] bethbethbeth - who very politely and kindly pointed out how wrong I was.

Please don't think I'm a dope.
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The website scotlandonsunday is quoting Time Warner reps as saying that they have been behind the "crackdown on Harry Potter homosexual porn." Link is here. Thanks to [ profile] logovo1 for the reference.


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I set myself up at Greatestjournal a few years ago when LJ was down for a few days. Now at least the fannish half of my f'list here seems to be migrating in that direction, or in many directions really, because LJ has been banning users whose content they don't like (depictions of fictional characters who appear to be under 18 having sex.)

I'm undecided about what to do - stay here but read journals on three or four other sites? move most of my posting over there but keep reading journals here? something else entirely? There's a fan-run not-for-profit journaling site currently in beta-testing, so that will be a good option soon but not yet. But I don't want to lose track of you while I dither. So! If I have you friended here, and you have set yourself up at Greatestjournal, and I haven't yet friended you there, it's because I haven't found you. Please ping me and let me know your username there. And if you're migrating to some other journal but not Greatestjournal, please let me know that as well. I don't want to lose track of you all!

[ profile] cubby66, [ profile] dailyplanet, [ profile] mulberryfields, [ profile] stillwell, [ profile] slit, [ profile] t_ktl, [ profile] telurian: THIS MEANS YOU.
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This is the comment I am trying to post in response to Berkowitz's apology, on behalf of LJ, which is over here. Shockingly, the servers are busted. So.

Having spent much of the past two days trying to track which journals did get suspended, and which journals were deleted for fear of suspension, and what kinds of journals they were, I agree that these are hard issues. There are vast grey areas here.

Very, very few Livejournals clearly announce that their participants intend to prey on children; lots of adults engage in activities together which, if they allowed or encouraged children to join them, would be dangerous, illegal, and morally wrong. Some of those activities, if conducted in virtual spaces that are accessible to a broader public might unintentionally provide support or encouragement to people who prey on children. These include -- just as not-so-random examples -- literary analysis of Nabokov's novel Lolita, communal gameplaying set in the Harry Potter universe which places teenage characters in sexual situations, sharing of reproduced pornographic artwork from Japanese comic books depicting imaginary young people, personal musings on surviving sexual violence and abuse, and discussions of shared interest in having sex while dressed up in teddy-bear costumes. The grayest of gray areas was the fetish sites where adults pretended to be children for pornographic role-play purposes. This week's purge shut down personal journals and/or communities devoted to all of those.

I am an enthusiastic participant in some of those activities, unmoved by others, and repulsed by several. But I can't find a clear line that divides them from each other in moral, esthetic, or legal terms -- much as I might like to, in the case of the those activities that disgust me. They all might, possibly, be used by pedophiles for masturbatory purposes, even though that is not the intention of the journal authors/artists.

So I urge you (and the collective LiveJournal "you" as well) to think more carefully about exactly what journals you are looking to weed out, even if that means going slowly in reinstating any. You can't purge every journal that a pedophile might find arousing -- it's a hopeless task. You can try to ban pedophiles, and I hope you do. But please, err on the side of openness. Remember that nearly everything all of us do on LJ is going to offend somebody and be used as jerk-off material for somebody else; you can't prevent that. Good luck.

p.s. if it helps, here's the posts where I tried to sort out the clearest mistaken deletions, with a little help from a lot of pissed-off LJistas:
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In case you don't want to wade through the fouteen updates and 180 comments on the first post I made about The Great LiveJournal Purge of '07, here's what it shakes out as:

These individual users are members of fannish communities and in some cases survivors of rape and/or incest, and their livejournals appear not to have condoned or encouraged child abuse, but they had their journals suspended anyway:

[ profile] yaoi_slut
[ profile] lynntownsend
[ profile] onewavebreaks
[ profile] malakijr
[ profile] athena2693
[ profile] pushtyber
[ profile] joeykaiba
[ profile] omg_a_terrorist

These journals were used as character journals in on-line roleplaying games, and were suspended despite containing no references to anything outside the parameters of a game:

[ profile] boot2thehead
[ profile] seventhsnake
[ profile] ogata

These were journals in which fan writers posted and discussed fan fiction and art, including pornographic fan fictions, which were suspended:

[ profile] wonkaslash
[ profile] artsnarry
[ profile] afamilyaffair
[ profile] sbrb_blackcest
[ profile] pornish_pixies
[ profile] master_badtouch
[ profile] gimmehellopro
[ profile] riddle_torture
[ profile] razorblade_jinx

This journal was used by a community of Spanish speakers to discuss the Nabokov novel Lolita:

[ profile] lolita07

Two users that I know of report having the word "yuri" removed from their interests lists.

Seven Livejournal communities (all sites for the discussion and archiving of fan fiction) that I know of were deleted by their moderators in order to avoid the purge. Another five may belong on this list but their moderators have not said why they deleted their communities yesterday or today.

If you know of any individual or community within Livejournal that belongs on any of these lists, please comment below.

For more details, see my previous post on this topic.
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I have a greatestjournal and I'm not afraid to use it.

I'm not anticipating migrating away from LJ, but just in case, y'know.
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Hello! I'm not going to respond any further to comments on this post. The most relevant information -- which I think can't be found elsewhere -- is now collected in short form in this post here. Thanks to all who contributed information and links. This was extremely interesting, and I'm going to bed now.

[10 AM EST]
Good morning everyone! This post has evolved into a listing of journals affected by Strikeoutgate. Please comment if you know of any that are not on the lists here. I may add related information and commentary as time allows and the spirit moves me, or I may not. But all I really want to do here is come up with as complete and accurate a listing as I can. I am categorizing the journals by their intent (primarily intended to support child abuse and pedophiles, or not) so please advise me if I've gotten that wrong. Thanks for all your help so far, and thanks in advance for your further assistance!

Two consecutive posts on my f'list complain that Livejournal just purged the community [ profile] pornish_pixies and two journals which were part of an entirely unrelated role-playing game, [ profile] lightning_war, for Terms-of-Service reasons. (See [ profile] ataniell93's recent unlocked post for the Lightning War story and two recent unlocked posts by [ profile] femmequixotic for the Pornish Pixies mess and LJ's explanation to her of why they permanently suspended the community.)

This is worrying. Anyone else heard anything about these or related incidents? Who else out there has gone missing?


eta.1 Two communities that requested not to be named here were deleted by mods, not suspended by lj. The same goes for [ profile] sirry (now moved to GreatestJournal), [ profile] hp_incest, [ profile] hpslash, [ profile] grave_robbers and [ profile] chimeracafe too.

eta.1.a The same might be true for [ profile] yaoi_drabbles, [ profile] demoncest, [ profile] batwingcurls, [ profile] cpop_slash, [ profile] love_or_death and [ profile] sg1_rps -- that is, they recently have been deleted by mods, for reasons that may possibly be related to this current mess, but they were not suspended by LJ and I don't know if the deletion had anything to do with Strikeoutgate or not.

eta.1.a.i Turns out SG1-RPS was deleted by its mod several months ago for unrelated reasons. Also [ profile] dirtydrabble's mod is about to delete the comm for reasons unrelated to Strikeoutgate, and the mod of [ profile] ppettigrew deleted the comm last month for reasons unrelated to Strikeoutgate..

eta.2 Two people so far from a couple of my friends' flists also suspended: [ profile] yaoi_slut and [ profile] lynntownsend. Also suspended and apparently part of fannish circles: [ profile] onewavebreaks, [ profile] malakijr, [ profile] athena2693, [ profile] pushtyber, [ profile] joeykaiba and [ profile] omg_a_terrorist.

eta.2.b And here is a list of 22 other suspended individual journals, all belonging to members of ageplay communities (some of whom may have been pedophiles, but some apparently harmless consenting-adult fetishists.) Scroll down; the list is the first comment you'll see.

eta.2.c Besides the two RPG character journals from [ profile] lightning_war which were suspended, and another journal from a different HP RPG which was deleted by the mod as a precaution, a charcter journal for a Hikaru no Go character, [ profile] ogata, was also suspended.

eta.5 Hey, might this be related to the current fight over deletion between the US govt and MySpace? Probably not, at least not directly. It's much more likely to be LJ's response to the ... well, see ETA #6.

eta.6 Liz Marcs has a fascinating post about her exchange with an entity which seems to be devoted to internet purification, and which is probably related to all this, over here. The sequel to Liz Marcs' post is here. The apparent miscreants disclaim responsibilty. Hmmm.

eta.6.a The organization (or person calling herself an organization?) with which Liz Marcs was communicating now says that LJ "has shut down hundreds of ... sites" at their behest (link redacted because their site has mucho malware, reportedly.) I'm not seeing anything like those numbers. What or who have I missed?

eta.6.b And see also this website for another group pushing LJ to delete journals. This one seems better organized and more legit, but still confused about the difference between fannish/literary expressions and social, political or material support for child abuse.

eta.7 these were fannish/literary comms:

[ profile] shota suspended.
[ profile] wonkaslash suspended.
[ profile] brokenboys suspended.
[ profile] resident_pervs suspended.
[ profile] lolita07 (a Spanish site for the discussion of the Nabokov novel!) suspended.
[ profile] lol_porn suspended.
[ profile] heterocest suspended.
[ profile] artsnarry suspended.
[ profile] incestories suspended.
[ profile] boysfuckingboys suspended.
[ profile] afamilyaffair suspended.
[ profile] sbrb_blackcest suspended.
[ profile] pornish_pixies suspended.
[ profile] master_badtouch suspended.
[ profile] gimmehellopro suspended.
[ profile] riddle_torture suspended.

these were, as far as I can tell, comms intended primarily to support and/or encourage pedophilia:

[ profile] childlove suspended - this one was a genuine pedophile site, rather than literary or fannish.
[ profile] incestuouslove suspended. What kind of comm was this? A genuine pedophile comm.
[ profile] disgusting_lust suspended. What kind of comm was this? Another genuine pedophile site.
[ profile] little_children suspended. Pedophiles. About a third of its 68 members either were suspended or deleted their journals.
[ profile] ljincest suspended. Pedophiles.
And fifteen other comms supporting pedophilia, rape and/or bestiality, which are listed here, in a comment from intrepid researcher [ profile] iverin whose stomach and google-fu are both very strong.

and these comms were ... I can't tell. Anybody?

[ profile] ____loli_lovin
[ profile] violentboylove
[ profile] fetishconfess
[ profile] rape_porn
[ profile] ageplaywithsex
[ profile] razorblade_jinx

eta.8 [ profile] heidi8 helpfully dug up the DNS information of the group that's probably responsible for some or all of this; it's here. (I very rudely linked to Heidi's post when it was locked, and she very graciously unlocked it. Thanks Heidi!)

eta.9 Does this seem like something Mina de Malfois would make up, or is that just me?

eta.10 [ profile] jamoche is keeping track of responses from LJ Abuse to owners of deleted comms/journals over here. You can post anonymously there and responses are screened.

eta.11 [ profile] dorrie6 has started a comm on Greatestjournal (friendslocked) for discussion of all this: Fandomtossed is here.

eta.13 [ profile] bookshop would like mods of suspended comms and individuals whose journals were suspended to get in touch with her or with [ profile] femmequixotic - they're organizing a collective response by the affected parties, I believe. See also this post on [ profile] fandom_lawyers

eta.14 Many posters have been linking to this blog's list of suspended LJs. It's not complete and not entirely accurate, but it's got a lot that aren't up here. Lots of names, too, at this post on [ profile] innocence_jihad, the point of which seems to be to demonstrate that support communities for survivors of incest and rape seem not to have been suspended in the big purge.


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