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Okay, so, I hate to complain but - oh wait, never mind, I love to complain. You knew that, right? But I don't have much time so I will just omit the complaining for now. Let's just say that the nice guys at the computer store where the computer goes for fixing have taken to calling me "ipod girl," as in "hey look, ipod girl is back again!" Because I have been there a lot with my stupid computer and its stupid file-eating itunes library. A lot.

Anyway, so, the good news is that the lovely guys at the computer store appear to have solved the problem and restored all my stray music files to my itunes library. The bad news is that this, apparently, led to the duplication of all three thousand music files that the itunes library had previously eaten up. So where I used to have no copies of, say, AC Newman's "Homemade Bombs in the Afternoon," now I have two copies in the library. Which is a big improvement and I am grateful. But this will also make it a big pain in the ass to sync up my ipod, among other things. So I would like to remove all the duplicates from my itunes library - all three thousand of them.

Now here is my question for you, my wise and knowledgeable friends: is there any way to remove duplicate files from an itunes library other than deleting them one at a time? Because wow, that seems like a pointless waste of time even by the standards of computer-related pointless wastes of time. I mean, there must be a program out there somewhere that would solve this particular problem - right?

Thanking you in advance, I remain,

Your friend,

iPod Girl
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Herewith a genuine email just received by me:

oh Spork U., how are you so disfunctional? )

Meanwhile, last night Fishwhistle performed in the orchestra of an experimental opera which was not so good, although it was better than all the other experimental operas I've seen this week probably. But it was so experimental that the singers only sang nonsense syllables, and also there were no program notes at all. (In fairness, Fishwhistle did warn me that the whole show was basically Spinal Tap Does Wagner, abbreviated - though that makes it sound way more fun than it actually was.) So I entertained myself by attempting to figure out what the show was all about, and took notes which I will place here behind the cut. )
And then I came home and discovered that the whole internet was full of zombies, which gave a pleasing circularity to the whole day.

Well, I'm going to go send a lot of emails now. Resend, that is. Grrrr. Argh.


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