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You have to read this:

Beyonce the Vampire Slayer (38621 words) by faviconimpertinence

I don't care if you're not a Buffy fan. I don't care if you can't tell the difference between Beyonce and Joni Mitchell (and oh god stop me before I write a Joni Mitchell, Vampire Slayer 30-chapter epic, destined to be forever a WIP stopped around chapter 18 just as she's struggling out of the clutches of evil vampire David Geffen ...anyway) and I don't care if you never ever ever read het, or RPF. If you read fanfic at all, you have to look at this. Because come on. If Beyonce isn't a slayer, I don't know who is.

God I love fanfic sometimes.

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But just in case anyone else is interested ...

You know how clarinet players fiddle endlessly with their reeds? This takes that obsession one step beyond. Or maybe two.

And you all know by now that Joss Whedon has a new series coming up on Fox in September, right? One whose premise is so creepily misogynistic that - well, my hopeful fantasy is that Whedon had to come up with something that would be horrible enough for Fox, and then he will brilliantly subvert it, right? Right?

Don't answer that.

But the cast is good (though of course the deathwatch for the non-white characters has already begun) and, well, it's Whedon - I'm determined to be hopeful. Here's the trailer, which has popped up all over my f'list but I believe the super-fabulous comm [ profile] deadbrowalking had it first.

Wow, I'm posting a lot lately. Well, I have a lot of work to avoid.
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Hey! This is the Buffy/Firely crossover fic I wrote for [ profile] remixredux08:

Where the River Meets the Dawn (the Strobe Lights and the Disco Remix)

If it doesn't suck, which I'm not saying that it doesn't suck, but to the extent that it doesn't suck, that's because three people did amazing beta work on a very rough draft at very very very short notice: [ profile] executrix, [ profile] goseaward [ profile] mulberryfields.

This is the second story I've written with Caridad (a minor Slayerette who has, I think, three lines total in Season 7 of Buffy) as a protagonist. One of the betas for the first one, [ profile] idlerat, gave me some excellent advice about POV for that first story ("Other People," which is here) that I completely ignored at the time. But I remembered it and took it when I came around to writing another Caridad story. So thanks to her as well for time-release beta.

Remix was interesting and mostly fun, in a scary way. I'd do it again.
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hey, I am remixing a Jossverse fic for [ profile] remixredux and would really, really appreciate some beta help. BUT because I'm pushing the festival deadline here - it has to be posted by Saturday night - it would have to be a very fast beta. I am hoping to be done with a draft by noon today and won't have any time to work on it again until Saturday afternoon, so you would have 48 hours. Please? pretty please?
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If you know the Buffy story at all, and you know the Beatles's music at all, but you've never seen "Scooby Road"? then you have to go here right now. [ profile] luminosity made a Buffy vid for the entirety of Abbey Road, and it's just astonishingly good - very much in the spirit of the music and the Buffyverse. It brilliantly avoids the most obvious shots from BtVS - we don't see Buffy diving off the tower, for instance, and there's just a frame or two of Joyce lying on the couch - while making excellent use of the themes in the music (listen for the return of "you never give me your money.")

I guess anyone who pays attention at all to vids has known about this for years, but if you're (like me) not someone who pays attention to vids very much, you need to see this anyway, so go.


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