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So, okay, my back is really, really bad.

The medical details, which are dull: )Anyway, moderate pain sustained over a long period, plus forced reduction in exercise, plus occasional days of complete immobility or severely curtailed immobility, are making me insane. It doesn't help that it is winter and hard to move around anyway, and also dark. My massage therapist recommends - and by recommends I mean that she is actually yelling, with the waving-around arms and everything - that I try an Aquafit class, which they offer at my gym. I am aquafit-averse for several reasons, including that it looks so dorky. But the main thing is, I can't figure out how I could take a class in the pool without wearing my glasses, and I can't wear my glasses in the pool, can I? On the other hand, so far the RMT has been totally, completely right about everything else, so maybe she's right about this?

So, okay, internets, tell me - how do people who need glasses in order to walk from one end of the room to the other manage around swimming pools? And if any of you have any experience of aquafit, in particular, good or bad, I would be glad to hear it. Because otherwise I am going to say fuck it and just get back on the elliptical trainer, hip flexors be damned. And then my RMT will yell at me some more, and I'd prefer to avoid that, thanks.
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My back hurts like a bastard. This is the worst it's been since 2002. I think I hyperextended it in pilates class on Sunday afternoon. Pilates, which is supposed to make my back strong. Middle age sucks.

On the other hand, I have a physio appointment tomorrow morning first thing, and meanwhile I can just take some codiene, and lie the hell down. My apologies to anyone who was hoping to do anything computerish or desky with me today. You can always call, though.
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After the big snowfall last night and this morning, we celebrated Valentines Day by skiing along the series of mini-parks underneath the big powerlines by our house and then shovelling out the front stoop and sidewalk. It was beautiful and so, so cold. Fingers don't just go peacefully numb -- first, they hurt. It all gets better if you just move faster. I put lip gloss all over my face to cut down on the windburn, and that did help. So did the multiple layers of microfiber. Still, 5 degrees (Fahrenheit) and very windy is just about the limit of weather I can be outdoors under any circumstances at all.

But this really is my idea of romance. I'd rather have an afternoon tromping around on skis in the middle of the city with Fishwhistle than all the chocolates in the world. Not that I would turn down chocolates, mind you.
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In case you ever needed to know what $500 looks like? It looks like turning on the tap in the downstairs bathroom and having no water come out, because somewhere in the walls, the pipes have frozen.

This has happened twice in ten days. I didn't even bother posting about it the first time, because of the helpful perspective offered to me by all the other worries I was worrying about: a problem you can fix with money is barely a problem at all, as long as you have some money.

Although Fishwhistle is now attempting to fix the problem with spaceheaters instead. Brave, manly Fishwhistle! If no water flows by noon we're calling the plumber all the same.


Which is to say that winter is here at last. We went skiing for the first time in two years on Saturday afternoon. Just doing the easy trail wiped us out, though for me this was after Saturday morning karate class (brave, manly me!) so I had a good excuse. And the woods and fields were lit with that sharp winter light I'd forgotten. It wasn't even terribly cold once we got moving, although every time we stopped I was ... not so much shivering as doing a full-body shudder and panting involuntarily to keep warm. It was great!

Then yesterday I went to pilates class and had half an hour of kata practice before that. Also this weekend featured hanging out with a visiting friend, watching a movie (okay, a DVD, but still) with Fishwhistle, trekking all the way to Waterloo for what turned out to be a so-so concert of sax/piano duos, sleeping for eight hours for two nights in a row, and doing no work at all. Let me repeat: I did no work this weekend.

Now, I know that some of you do no work every weekend, but for me, this is huge. I didn't work! All weekend! Wow! I feel so balanced and healthy! Go me!

Now I did have nightmares all last night about unanswered emails and the job search I'm running, so not entirely sane yet. But still. A weekend! A whole weekend! Maybe I should try it again next year sometime, what do you think?


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