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This will be of special interest to Justin Timberlake fans, but it's kind of brilliant even if you've never heard of him. Click here. NSFW by the way, but only a little bit.

Otherwise, as some of you know, I have been at home a lot lately recuperating from an annoying but absolutely not-life-threatening illness, and waiting around for the next medical thing to happen. This has led to a certain amount of messing around on YouTube. I recommend looking up vids of HBCU marching bands if you ever feel glum at all or in any way not optimistic about the human condition. There's no one perfect one to show you all, but try googling around for Jacksonville's marching band, and also Howard U.'s homecoming parades.

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Hello, hellllloooooo ...

well I see that there will be more Potter ... something ... from JK Rowling, and that seems as good a reason as any to dust this journal off.

Besides I meant to tell you all about this amazing book project which I got to write a chapter for, Harry Potter and History. I've never had more fun doing academic work than writing my chapter for this book, and I can't say anything about my own work here, but the other chapters are delightful: funny, erudite, full of peculiar details. You all are pretty much the proper audience for the book, so please go buy multiple copies. We want to encourage the publisher to do more. Wouldn't a Mad Men and History book be a wonderful thing? It's highly unlikely, but it would be wonderful, is my point. Meanwhile, though, this book is fabulous.

Meanwhile, in case you were looking for me, I am hanging out a bit at Twitter and a lot at Ta-Nehesi Coates's blog, under this name, and then on Facebook under my real name. But now, since it is a lovely day and the tomatoes are weedy, I am going out to do a little gardening.
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Look! It's SCIENCE!

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First: Okay, you can come back now: all the picture links in this post seem to be working now, and as a bonus I got them all turned around the right way and everything.

Second: A student just told me that he heard that the University of Regina's English department has, after much discussion, allowed a creative writing student to propose to submit a long work of HP fanfic as her MFA thesis project. Apparently the issue within the department was whether or not they could accept a thesis that could not be published - otherwise, everyone was okay with it. This is very interesting, if true, but I'm even more interested that I heard nothing about it earlier. Did you all know about this already, aca-fen?

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Yes, yes, I will post my vacation pics and Deep Thoughts any minute now (I know you desperately await) but first:

So I was away from the internet for a few weeks - that would be approximately three lifetimes in Internet Years - and when I came back this whole Laura Hale thing was happening, which you of course are bored of already, but just in case you've been away too, the deal is, Laura Hale is a fan who has insisted on linking the real-life names and fannish identities of a number of people, and now there's a big fuss about it. So something [ profile] bethbethbeth just posted about this mess reminded me that not so long ago, I got in trouble for outing Laura Hale. My hand to God.

It wasn't very much trouble, I have to confess, and it isn't a very exciting story. This was just about two years ago, during the last iteration of the whole Cassie plagiarism mess, and I posted something about why I wasn't too worried about it, and ... well, here's the relevant passage from my post:
Someone who then called herself "Michelle Ecks" and later went by [name deleted at the request of the LJ Abuse team, sorry, the full name gets thrown around enough on journalfen that I didn't think ... my fault, very sorry, gah], or "halegirl," or more recently purplepopple, seems to be central to the whole story. Halegirl was on my f'list for a while -- she's the person who posted last year sometime boasting about helping to teach highschool students how to write smuttier smut -- and she's ... let's say that her worldview and my worldview are not closely congruent. Now, that does not mean that she was wrong on this particular matter. But it does make me feel cautious.

Yep. Somebody called in LJ Abuse! Because I wrote Laura Hale's name in the same post as her username! Right at the same time as she was claiming (as we now learn from Beth's post) to have outed Heidi to her employer!

(The full post is here, for the sake of completeness.)

I suppose I should be more indignant than entertained, but somehow I'm not. Oh internets, how I've missed you.
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If you know the Buffy story at all, and you know the Beatles's music at all, but you've never seen "Scooby Road"? then you have to go here right now. [ profile] luminosity made a Buffy vid for the entirety of Abbey Road, and it's just astonishingly good - very much in the spirit of the music and the Buffyverse. It brilliantly avoids the most obvious shots from BtVS - we don't see Buffy diving off the tower, for instance, and there's just a frame or two of Joyce lying on the couch - while making excellent use of the themes in the music (listen for the return of "you never give me your money.")

I guess anyone who pays attention at all to vids has known about this for years, but if you're (like me) not someone who pays attention to vids very much, you need to see this anyway, so go.
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Hey, has anyone made a due South vid to that Sufjan Stevens song "Chicago"? If not, why not?
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So there has been a lot of talk lately - if by talk we mean blather on the internets - about fannish identity and privacy. I'm keeping this vague for reasons that will be obvious, but let's just say that the question has been raised of whether people who act publicly as fans - by talking to the media or running conventions or whatever - still deserve to be protected by the usual fannish unwritten rule in which our real-life names and the names under which we act as fans are never publicly linked. Some people are making the analogy of linking fannish and RL identities with the practice of "outing" powerful, closeted gay men and lesbians.

Well, I know a thing or two about outing. )

Until the world is safe for the most radical, out-there of fan artists and fan writers, we will continue to require - at least for some of us - the fannish closet.
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The website scotlandonsunday is quoting Time Warner reps as saying that they have been behind the "crackdown on Harry Potter homosexual porn." Link is here. Thanks to [ profile] logovo1 for the reference.


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Well, my brother's wedding was just unspeakably depressing, so let us not speak of it. Heteronormativity gives me an itchy rash, but you knew that. Let us -- and by us I mean me -- instead give thanks to those who cheered me up after, in 24 hours in the City That Cheers Me Up: [ profile] bowdlerized, [ profile] cubby66, [ profile] stillwell, Matty O., Amanda, [ profile] twotoedsloth and [ profile] idlerat most of all. I love you and miss you and miss everyone I didn't get to see, too.

But that's not what I wanted to post about. What I wanted to post about is Julie Phillips' biography of the science fiction writer James Tiptree Jr./Alice B. Sheldon. It's not a great book, but it's fascinating me. Phillips is a fine journalist but not a historian, and so she has some difficulty distinguishing what's unusual about Tiptree's life from what's typical for Cold-War era women of Tiptree's race and class. This makes the book a little baggy and shapeless.

The details are gorgeous, though. Phillips quotes extensively from the (apparently voluminous) correspondence between Tiptree and Joanna Russ, and Tiptree and Ursala LeGuin. It was your basic lj-type conversation, smart, flirtatious, wideranging, and with identities of all sorts in play. Also, at least one threat of psuedocide. Internet fandom avant la letre! Seriously, it made me think hard about the historical roots of what we do here, how we adapted the internet to our own purposes rather than having our lives revolutionized by new technology.

The detail I loved most, though, will matter to only a few of you - but those who care will care a whole lot, I bet. So in 1975 Jeff Smith -- a fan who became Tiptree's friend and literary executor -- organized and published a written "symposium" on gender and feminism in science fiction. He came up with a list of questions and then a bunch of writers responded, and then he circulated all the responses and the authors struck up a conversation by mail that (mostly) ended up in print. It wasn't, as far as I can see, all that different from what you might find on the web, a few clicks beyond Making Light or some such, except that the participants included Russ, LeGuin, Tiptree, Samuel Delaney, some SF authors I don't care so much about, and ... "African historian Luisa White." Yeah. Yeah! Luisa White -- who must then have been just starting graduate school -- is one of us.
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This is the comment I am trying to post in response to Berkowitz's apology, on behalf of LJ, which is over here. Shockingly, the servers are busted. So.

Having spent much of the past two days trying to track which journals did get suspended, and which journals were deleted for fear of suspension, and what kinds of journals they were, I agree that these are hard issues. There are vast grey areas here.

Very, very few Livejournals clearly announce that their participants intend to prey on children; lots of adults engage in activities together which, if they allowed or encouraged children to join them, would be dangerous, illegal, and morally wrong. Some of those activities, if conducted in virtual spaces that are accessible to a broader public might unintentionally provide support or encouragement to people who prey on children. These include -- just as not-so-random examples -- literary analysis of Nabokov's novel Lolita, communal gameplaying set in the Harry Potter universe which places teenage characters in sexual situations, sharing of reproduced pornographic artwork from Japanese comic books depicting imaginary young people, personal musings on surviving sexual violence and abuse, and discussions of shared interest in having sex while dressed up in teddy-bear costumes. The grayest of gray areas was the fetish sites where adults pretended to be children for pornographic role-play purposes. This week's purge shut down personal journals and/or communities devoted to all of those.

I am an enthusiastic participant in some of those activities, unmoved by others, and repulsed by several. But I can't find a clear line that divides them from each other in moral, esthetic, or legal terms -- much as I might like to, in the case of the those activities that disgust me. They all might, possibly, be used by pedophiles for masturbatory purposes, even though that is not the intention of the journal authors/artists.

So I urge you (and the collective LiveJournal "you" as well) to think more carefully about exactly what journals you are looking to weed out, even if that means going slowly in reinstating any. You can't purge every journal that a pedophile might find arousing -- it's a hopeless task. You can try to ban pedophiles, and I hope you do. But please, err on the side of openness. Remember that nearly everything all of us do on LJ is going to offend somebody and be used as jerk-off material for somebody else; you can't prevent that. Good luck.

p.s. if it helps, here's the posts where I tried to sort out the clearest mistaken deletions, with a little help from a lot of pissed-off LJistas:
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In case you don't want to wade through the fouteen updates and 180 comments on the first post I made about The Great LiveJournal Purge of '07, here's what it shakes out as:

These individual users are members of fannish communities and in some cases survivors of rape and/or incest, and their livejournals appear not to have condoned or encouraged child abuse, but they had their journals suspended anyway:

[ profile] yaoi_slut
[ profile] lynntownsend
[ profile] onewavebreaks
[ profile] malakijr
[ profile] athena2693
[ profile] pushtyber
[ profile] joeykaiba
[ profile] omg_a_terrorist

These journals were used as character journals in on-line roleplaying games, and were suspended despite containing no references to anything outside the parameters of a game:

[ profile] boot2thehead
[ profile] seventhsnake
[ profile] ogata

These were journals in which fan writers posted and discussed fan fiction and art, including pornographic fan fictions, which were suspended:

[ profile] wonkaslash
[ profile] artsnarry
[ profile] afamilyaffair
[ profile] sbrb_blackcest
[ profile] pornish_pixies
[ profile] master_badtouch
[ profile] gimmehellopro
[ profile] riddle_torture
[ profile] razorblade_jinx

This journal was used by a community of Spanish speakers to discuss the Nabokov novel Lolita:

[ profile] lolita07

Two users that I know of report having the word "yuri" removed from their interests lists.

Seven Livejournal communities (all sites for the discussion and archiving of fan fiction) that I know of were deleted by their moderators in order to avoid the purge. Another five may belong on this list but their moderators have not said why they deleted their communities yesterday or today.

If you know of any individual or community within Livejournal that belongs on any of these lists, please comment below.

For more details, see my previous post on this topic.
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Hello! I'm not going to respond any further to comments on this post. The most relevant information -- which I think can't be found elsewhere -- is now collected in short form in this post here. Thanks to all who contributed information and links. This was extremely interesting, and I'm going to bed now.

[10 AM EST]
Good morning everyone! This post has evolved into a listing of journals affected by Strikeoutgate. Please comment if you know of any that are not on the lists here. I may add related information and commentary as time allows and the spirit moves me, or I may not. But all I really want to do here is come up with as complete and accurate a listing as I can. I am categorizing the journals by their intent (primarily intended to support child abuse and pedophiles, or not) so please advise me if I've gotten that wrong. Thanks for all your help so far, and thanks in advance for your further assistance!

Two consecutive posts on my f'list complain that Livejournal just purged the community [ profile] pornish_pixies and two journals which were part of an entirely unrelated role-playing game, [ profile] lightning_war, for Terms-of-Service reasons. (See [ profile] ataniell93's recent unlocked post for the Lightning War story and two recent unlocked posts by [ profile] femmequixotic for the Pornish Pixies mess and LJ's explanation to her of why they permanently suspended the community.)

This is worrying. Anyone else heard anything about these or related incidents? Who else out there has gone missing?


eta.1 Two communities that requested not to be named here were deleted by mods, not suspended by lj. The same goes for [ profile] sirry (now moved to GreatestJournal), [ profile] hp_incest, [ profile] hpslash, [ profile] grave_robbers and [ profile] chimeracafe too.

eta.1.a The same might be true for [ profile] yaoi_drabbles, [ profile] demoncest, [ profile] batwingcurls, [ profile] cpop_slash, [ profile] love_or_death and [ profile] sg1_rps -- that is, they recently have been deleted by mods, for reasons that may possibly be related to this current mess, but they were not suspended by LJ and I don't know if the deletion had anything to do with Strikeoutgate or not.

eta.1.a.i Turns out SG1-RPS was deleted by its mod several months ago for unrelated reasons. Also [ profile] dirtydrabble's mod is about to delete the comm for reasons unrelated to Strikeoutgate, and the mod of [ profile] ppettigrew deleted the comm last month for reasons unrelated to Strikeoutgate..

eta.2 Two people so far from a couple of my friends' flists also suspended: [ profile] yaoi_slut and [ profile] lynntownsend. Also suspended and apparently part of fannish circles: [ profile] onewavebreaks, [ profile] malakijr, [ profile] athena2693, [ profile] pushtyber, [ profile] joeykaiba and [ profile] omg_a_terrorist.

eta.2.b And here is a list of 22 other suspended individual journals, all belonging to members of ageplay communities (some of whom may have been pedophiles, but some apparently harmless consenting-adult fetishists.) Scroll down; the list is the first comment you'll see.

eta.2.c Besides the two RPG character journals from [ profile] lightning_war which were suspended, and another journal from a different HP RPG which was deleted by the mod as a precaution, a charcter journal for a Hikaru no Go character, [ profile] ogata, was also suspended.

eta.5 Hey, might this be related to the current fight over deletion between the US govt and MySpace? Probably not, at least not directly. It's much more likely to be LJ's response to the ... well, see ETA #6.

eta.6 Liz Marcs has a fascinating post about her exchange with an entity which seems to be devoted to internet purification, and which is probably related to all this, over here. The sequel to Liz Marcs' post is here. The apparent miscreants disclaim responsibilty. Hmmm.

eta.6.a The organization (or person calling herself an organization?) with which Liz Marcs was communicating now says that LJ "has shut down hundreds of ... sites" at their behest (link redacted because their site has mucho malware, reportedly.) I'm not seeing anything like those numbers. What or who have I missed?

eta.6.b And see also this website for another group pushing LJ to delete journals. This one seems better organized and more legit, but still confused about the difference between fannish/literary expressions and social, political or material support for child abuse.

eta.7 these were fannish/literary comms:

[ profile] shota suspended.
[ profile] wonkaslash suspended.
[ profile] brokenboys suspended.
[ profile] resident_pervs suspended.
[ profile] lolita07 (a Spanish site for the discussion of the Nabokov novel!) suspended.
[ profile] lol_porn suspended.
[ profile] heterocest suspended.
[ profile] artsnarry suspended.
[ profile] incestories suspended.
[ profile] boysfuckingboys suspended.
[ profile] afamilyaffair suspended.
[ profile] sbrb_blackcest suspended.
[ profile] pornish_pixies suspended.
[ profile] master_badtouch suspended.
[ profile] gimmehellopro suspended.
[ profile] riddle_torture suspended.

these were, as far as I can tell, comms intended primarily to support and/or encourage pedophilia:

[ profile] childlove suspended - this one was a genuine pedophile site, rather than literary or fannish.
[ profile] incestuouslove suspended. What kind of comm was this? A genuine pedophile comm.
[ profile] disgusting_lust suspended. What kind of comm was this? Another genuine pedophile site.
[ profile] little_children suspended. Pedophiles. About a third of its 68 members either were suspended or deleted their journals.
[ profile] ljincest suspended. Pedophiles.
And fifteen other comms supporting pedophilia, rape and/or bestiality, which are listed here, in a comment from intrepid researcher [ profile] iverin whose stomach and google-fu are both very strong.

and these comms were ... I can't tell. Anybody?

[ profile] ____loli_lovin
[ profile] violentboylove
[ profile] fetishconfess
[ profile] rape_porn
[ profile] ageplaywithsex
[ profile] razorblade_jinx

eta.8 [ profile] heidi8 helpfully dug up the DNS information of the group that's probably responsible for some or all of this; it's here. (I very rudely linked to Heidi's post when it was locked, and she very graciously unlocked it. Thanks Heidi!)

eta.9 Does this seem like something Mina de Malfois would make up, or is that just me?

eta.10 [ profile] jamoche is keeping track of responses from LJ Abuse to owners of deleted comms/journals over here. You can post anonymously there and responses are screened.

eta.11 [ profile] dorrie6 has started a comm on Greatestjournal (friendslocked) for discussion of all this: Fandomtossed is here.

eta.13 [ profile] bookshop would like mods of suspended comms and individuals whose journals were suspended to get in touch with her or with [ profile] femmequixotic - they're organizing a collective response by the affected parties, I believe. See also this post on [ profile] fandom_lawyers

eta.14 Many posters have been linking to this blog's list of suspended LJs. It's not complete and not entirely accurate, but it's got a lot that aren't up here. Lots of names, too, at this post on [ profile] innocence_jihad, the point of which seems to be to demonstrate that support communities for survivors of incest and rape seem not to have been suspended in the big purge.
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I only see TV on DVD or at the gym, so anyone interested is, no doubt, way ahead of me on this, but, well, anyway: tonight the TV at the gym was playing something called Dancing with the Stars, and one of the Stars who was, apparently, signed up for a Dancing competition was Joey Fantone from NSYNC. I only know him from an icon [ profile] cathexys uses, but I recognized him. He was great! He was goofy and funny! And he seemed as straight as a man dancing on television can be, alas, but then isn't he the one that doesn't get slashed so much?


And then on the way home Fishwhistle was telling me about an article he'd read for his class on tonality, a formal analysis of certain Grateful Dead jams -- yes, yes, we don't need to mock because it pretty much mocks itself, doesn't it? -- and anyway Fishwhistle described the article as "etic." What does that mean? I asked him. It is, he revealed to me, the opposite of "emic." That is, when musicologists analyze only the formal aspects of music, in terms comprehensible to musicologists but not necessarily to the people who make or listen to the music normally, that is an etic analysis. But when musicologists try to convey something of the experiences and understandings of the people who make the music, or the fans of the music, that is an emic analysis.

So, two questions: Do people engaging in fan studies make this distinction between etic and emic? And if not, would it be useful to fan studies?
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I'm on dial-up until laptop returns to me (the service people haven't even called back with a diagnosis yet, after a full week, which is Not A Good Sign) and also am busier than I have ever been before in my whole busy life. Yet I still am doing my share of random clicking around. Or slightly more than my share. So this was the fruit of my random clicking this morning:

Did you know that Fiona Apple's (shut up, I like "Extraordinary Machine") brother is the actor who played the cop's sidekick/hippie anthropologist on "The Sentinel"?

Yeah, you knew that already, plus long ago you wrote some very kinky RPF about the whole family, including ironic observations about how every actor/media person in the world (or at least New York and environs) has worked on Days of Our Lives at least once.

So send me the link already, okay?

eta I'm sure I'll be sorry that I asked, but who is this Ken Wahl of whom you tell me?
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That article in the Guardian )


Plagiarism -- so easy to commit, so tough to spell. )


And finally, that crazy [ profile] aadler_ guy whose homophobic and/or misogynist con report from WriterCon distracted so many good writers from writing fics -- um, is he a [ profile] mina_de_malfois character, or is that just me?


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