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Garter snakes and Flemish Beauties. Also, some health stuff, so: warning for mention of bodily fluids. )

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So I have had a migraine on and off for about a week now. It has stubbornly resisted the usual drugs, but last night it went away after I had three bowls of tomato soup for dinner. I don't know if any warm salty liquid would have done the job, or if maybe the migraine just decided to go away temporarily anyhow, or if it was this soup, but just in case ...

here is a recipe for excellent tomato soup if I do say so myself )
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So here is a conversation that [ profile] fishwhistle and I actually had while halfway through the dread annual chore of picking the grapes off the trellis:

me: Augh! I got grape juice in my eyebrows!

Fishwhistle: ...

me: It's not funny!

Fishwhistle: well, but it -

me: You know, if we were migrant farm workers we could blame The Man for our sufferings.

Fishwhistle: ...

me: It would be the system keeping us down by forcing us to pick grapes all day long.

Fishwhistle: ...

me: And we could dream that someday Cesar Chavez would come and liberate us from all this.

Fishwhistle: Isn't he -

me: Okay, well, the ghost of Cesar Chavez, all right? Anyway my point is, who is it who forces us to spend hours and hours picking grapes?

Fishwhistle: We do?

me: Exactly! We coerce our own selves!

Fishwhistle, dubiously: So you're saying we're working for Domain Foucault?

me, bitterly: Yes! This is the terroir of Bourdieu!

Fishwhistle: ...

me: Man! It sucks being middle class!


in other garden news )


And I need some cooking advice:

So, I have here a small basket of peaches (grown locally but not by me) and some backyard raspberries. And soon I will have a metric buttload of grape juice, once I go through the tedious process of making it. I was thinking that I could boil up the peaches and raspberries in the grape juice and it might turn into a nice jam? Do you think that would work?

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So we have a whole lot of sorrel in the garden right now. What should I do with it? Put it in a mouth-puckering salad? Cook it? How?
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My Valentine's-day treat? Fishwhistle made four enormous cookies in the shape of letters spelling out my name - two oatmeal-cranberry, two gingerbread. They are superdelicious, and he is the sweetest sweetheart ever.

I've never liked Valentine's day, really, for all the obvious reasons, plus that I arrived late in life at the brilliant insight that it's possible to love someone who is kind and thoughtful and gentle and loves me back (instead of, you know, pining away for someone who, once all the layers of gruffness are peeled away, turns out to be kind of an asshat.) (Yes, I know, you figured that out when you were, I dunno, fifteen or so. I'm slow.) So anyway, yeah, I've always curled my lip at all this forced consumerist romance six shopping weeks into the new year. But maybe it's not too late to turn into a GIANT BALL OF EMOTIONAL MUSH for Valentine's Day instead. In a good way.
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I just wanted a record of what came out of the garden yesterday evening:

a few rasberries and about two dozen apricots
raddiccio, Bibb, and Boston lettuce
string beans and yellow pole beans
about a pint of cherry tomatoes
herbs: tarragon, chives, several kinds of parsley, chervil
beets and beet greens
chiles: cubanelle and one other smallish red round kind

Also, could have harvested these but left them growing for a bit longer:

many other kinds of herbs
more beets
more onions
Swiss chard and red chard
nastursium, marigold, chamomille, violets, rose hips

Still waiting to ripen:

acorn squash
pumpkin (I think - it's a mystery vine)
six other varieties of tomato
sweet yellow peppers
habanero chiles
Cape gooseberries
sorrel and French sorrel
more zucchinni
fennel bulbs
brussels sprouts

Not going to get any this year at all, but next year will be different:


Why do I do all this crazy academic nonsense when clearly I'm destined for greengocery?

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Tonight for dinner we ate a miraculously good salad, mostly from the garden. Here's what we did. )


If we'd waited for the apricots to ripen, we could have gotten this entire meal but for the chicken, cous-cous and pine nuts from the garden. Oh, and the olive oil.

I guess if we got seriously into it we could press cooking oil from the grapeseeds that the grapevine provides in such quantity. And we could easily keep chickens in the garage, which would be great because then we wouldn't need to buy chickenshit from the garden center for fertilizer. Do pine nuts actually come from pines? because then we could just plant the right kind of pine tree out front (where the city has, in fact, promised that they're going to plant a linden for us this fall.)

Fresh tarragon this time of year is so powerful that it's hard to believe it's legal.


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