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Okay, I spent way too much time today tracking down Spanish-language music videos about Obama. I have a vague idea about an article but basically I am just too tired to do my actual work.

So anyway. I found this. It will only make sense to those of us who know the oeuvre of Pedro Infante and can appreciate the sheer utter brilliance of pasting in George Bush where Jorge Negrete ought to be inDos Tipos de Cuidado. Which I guess is likely to be just me, [ profile] twotoedsloth, and maybe [ profile] logovo. But believe me when I tell you, this is fabulous.

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So Fishwhistle and I went to hear this concert last Sunday because really who can resist music about modernist architecture? Plus also a really good excuse to visit the Polish Combatants Hall, which was both swampy and glorious. But the second act - Allen Bloor, a.k.a. Knurl - turned out to consist of extremely well-amplified concrete blocks being thumped against each other or scraped against a table, and it was indescribably, unimaginably, unbearably loud. No, louder than that. NO, SERIOUSLY, LOUDER. We lasted through about three-quarters of it, then fled. It was sublime (no, it was!) but wow, it was too much for me.

Also in the category of Art Experiences I Have Not Been Able to Tolerate Lately: we rented Eastern Promises, and the first two scenes just did me in. It was gorgeous and interesting and I couldn't watch any more.

And ... I have been in trying to work up a good segue here, but I got nothing, so, whatever. Mean to say, garden news:

More plants that never bloomed before are getting ready to bloom now: poppies! wisteria! this is so exciting that it inspired me to dig up another huge section of the front lawn this weekend. Now the dying hydrangas in the back are no longer strangled and hidden in darkness, but they might die anyway of tranplantation shock. I will water them diligently, and hope.

Also I have planted more types of tomatoes, due to greediness. Now we will have Black Krim and Purple Cherokee and German Gold and Rainbow and Zapotec Pink and Glamour and Lemon Boy and Green Zebra and Green Cherokee and Purple Zebra and Feuerwerke and Yellow Pear and probably some others that I forgot. If all these tomatoes could sing and dance they could form a Village People tribute band, with names like those.

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I know everyone in the universe has seen this already, but now that you have all this time on your hands, here it goes again.

Seriously, I think this is the best choreography on film since Jackie Chan was young middle-aged.
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They Might Be Spoilers )

So to sum up: you have to see it, it's just as good as everyone said it is, but wow, painful, ouchy, wow wow wow.


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